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Upcoming Laredo/Tapestry Webinars

Searching with Laredo v8 Desktop, Laredo Anywhere, and Tapestry Webinars

These webinars cover the basics of searching with Laredo and Tapestry while also highlighting the new features in the latest version of Laredo. By attending, both new users and experienced users will learn how to effectively search county land records with some helpful tips and tricks. The webinars are hosted on the second and third Thursday of each month and start at 10 AM (CST). Each webinar lasts about 45 minutes.

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The Grafton County Registry of Deeds together with our software partner Fidlar Technologies have successfully completed our software and hardware conversions, updates, and trainings. All information on the new applications will be found on the left drop down menu under Search County records after accepting the disclaimer. We will post future webinars to this page as well as on the news page in the Laredo desktop application.

If you have questions or need guidance please call Fidlar Technologies at 563-345-1283
Thank you for your patience during this transition.
Kelley J. Monahan Register of Deeds Grafton County

You can now access records using Tapestry, an alternative "pay as you go" resource, for searching land records.
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Each document page that is copied from the Grafton County Registry's website without the established and posted compensation represents lost revenue that would have offset the annual county tax to the citizens who have invested in the database/library for 242 years. It is with these citizens in mind that we implement the below changes to our system.

July 1, 2015 Indexes only - No Images will be visible via the Internet to non-subscribers

July 1, 2015 A transparent watermark will be present on all images.  Account holders may obtain a "clean copy" to print, once they have logged into their accounts.

October 1, 2015 Grafton County Registry of Deeds will accept E-recording

As of March 1, 2015 The Grafton County Registry of Deeds will be requiring 3 separate checks for recording documents.

One check for recording fees, one check for LCHIP surcharge and one check for the DRA Real Estate Transfer Tax. All three checks should be made payable to Grafton County Registry of Deeds.

The ability of the New Hampshire Department of Revenue to collect insufficient funds is the driving force behind this policy change. Maintaining the one check policy leaves the taxpayer of Grafton County responsible for any uncollected funds on returned checks for Real Estate Transfer Tax.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

New Hampshire Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) Returns To Be Accepted Electronically June 26, 2015 As part of its ongong effort to modernize filing for taxpayers, the Department is pleased to announce that, on Tuesday, June 30, 2015, taxpayers will have the option to file Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) returns. Visit the new website at

If you are experiencing a problem with your mortgage servicer or lender please call for assistance. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 855-411-2372

The Registry of Deeds Office processes information as it relates to the buying and selling of real property. The recording of important documents is one of the oldest functions performed by government. The recording process is mandated and governed by the law of the State of New Hampshire. The data base of the Grafton County Registry of Deeds contains over 3 million images of documents, and over 23,000 images of subdivision plans and surveys. Only copies obtained from the official Registry of Deeds records are considered to be the official public record. The official records maintained here date from 1773 to present day. At the present time, only 283 books of 4013 remain un-scanned to a digital record. Records from 1773-1879 and 1934 to present day are available digitally.

Indexes are available from 1960 forward. In 1959 Register Charles "Bunny" Woods, the longest serving Register, made a difficult decision recognizing that from 1773 forward the information indexed was being done in a manner that would not serve our growing county. All businesses were recorded under B, all towns under T and all churches under C and so on. To correct this system error would require present staff to re-index 186 years of daily entry. We are near completion of the indexes of 1955-1959. To research the oldest record one must either know the book and page you are looking for or begin the search in the present and work their way back through time by book and page notation.

Grafton County is one of five original Counties established in 1769 by the New Hampshire Legislature. It covers 1,747 square miles and includes 38 towns, one city (Lebanon), and one unincorporated town (Livermore).

A visit to the Registry of Deeds during regular hours enables access to all records. Records from 1960 to present are computerized. Copies are available online with a subscriber account. If you do not have an account, you may pick up copies at our office or mail us a written request along with the appropriate fee.


Kelley J. Monahan,
Register of Deeds

Beth, Deputy Register,
Indexing Supervisor

Mary, Assistant Deputy Register, Imaging Supervisor
George, Imaging Tech.
Brenda, Computer Tech.

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